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Scintrex data processing (CG3TOOL / CG5TOOL)

Interactive computer program to process Scintrex CG3/CG5 gravity data

Updated version for CG3/CG5 : CG5TOOL (by G. Gabalda and S. Bonvalot, BGI / IRD)

(Windows/Linux plateforms)

Contact :,

Original version (1995-2003) : CG3TOOL (by G. Gabalda and S. Bonvalot, BGI / IRD)

(Unix/Solaris plateform - no longer maintained)

Reference paper

Gabalda, G., Bonvalot, S., Hipkin, R., 2003. Interactive computer program to process Scintrex CG-3/3M gravity data for high resolution applications. Computers & Geosciences, 29, 2, pp. 155–171.

Technical notice (in french)


Quick view of Micro-g LaCoste FG5 / A10 absolute gravity measurements

Authors : Germinal Gabalda, Sylvain Bonvalot (GET/BGI, Toulouse, France)

Release : March 2017

Contact :,

Summary :

MGL_QuickView is a stand-alone JAVA / Linux application enabling quick view of FG5 or A10 absolute gravity data acquisition results acquired through the MGL (Micro-g LaCoste) “g” software ( This application has been developed at Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) and BGI for facilitating the analysis and validation of absolute gravity data. 

MGL_QuickView reads the standard MGL “g”output Ascii files (project, set and drop files) and uses the standard graphical and mathematical Generic Mapping Tools(GMT) free library to generate a PostScript© plot file displaying in a synthetic way the main information related to the data acquisition. The information displayed from the original MGL project file on the results and the parameters of the data acquisition contains:

  • General information on site and project (site and project name, geographic coordinates, elevation, local gravity gradient and polar motion parameters corresponding to the data acquisition period)
  • Instrument data parameters (meter type and serial number, Rubidium frequency, factory height)
  • Acquisition setting parameters (number of drops per set, Drop and sequence intervals, Instrumental setup height)
  • Processing results parameters (number of collected and processed sets, number of accepted and rejected drops, transfer height)
  • Plots of time series of measurements (reduced absolute gravity values and their standard deviation) and environmental or instrumental monitored parameters (temperature and atmospheric pressure , Ion pump and laser voltages)

The graphical Java interface also enables updating the standard produced Postscript plot file with customized graphic parameters as well as selecting specific data sets.

Sea Gravity Adjust (SGA) Software

Interactive software for visualizing and adjusting sea gravity data from marine surveys

(T. Fayard, BGI/CNES, 2008)

Available on request